Brand Development


The word ‘Brand’ is widely used but often misunderstood, especially in the context of design. A brand can be the name given to a product or service, it can be what many refer to incorrectly as a logo, or in our opinion a feeling & emotion that is experienced when people think of a specific company or commodity. Companies can find that their current identity no longer represents who they are, what they do, or where they want to be.

Brand positioning, brand strategy and company vision inevitably evolves over time & communicating this visually can result in dynamic growth & an increased profitability. Crafting a visual identity that is led by insight & positioned accurately to resonate with your audience is crucial, enabling companies to achieve a transcendent advantage over their competition

Your brand identity is the visual make-up that identifies and distinguishes your brand from others. By understanding and defining your core brand values, we can help you to get closer to your customers, increase engagement and stand out from the competition.

We guide our clients through a process of self-discovery, challenging them to think differently. Whether you’re a new brand looking to create an identity, or an established business looking to redefine your position, we’ll work closely and honestly with you to get to the core of who you are and more importantly, who you want to be.

Brand Development Strategy

Strategy can take many forms, whether it is identifying a market opportunity, researching the performance of competitors, or restarting a refreshed identity. We work with you to create a strategy which is unique to the needs of your business, ensuring that you reach your audience through the most efficient channels.

Brand Design

Having a strong visual identity is imperative for your mark. We will work with you to provide your brand with the right aesthetics for its intent and sound, including the design of logos, icons, colour palettes, and font selection. We can advise on photographic style as part of our brand design services, take photography, videos and create animation snippets to give your brand its authentic flavour.


If your business needs to reinforce its image, reposition itself in the market or completely re-orientate, detailed strategy and tactical planning need to come with a well-thought-out visual design. We can provide advice and support based on market research to help you solve any challenges along the way.

Brand Evolution

Brand evolution is most often a natural process of brand transition representing the ageing process of some of its visual aspects. If your brand is recognized by your customers but it's just a little dated and doesn't meet your audience's visual expectations today or work well with digital marketing and media, a brand refresh might be the service you need to look for. We will work with you as part of our brand development services to ensure that your brand retains its visual aspects that are highly recognizable, and yet looks fresh and re-energized.

Brand Guidelines

It is important to establish and maintain the continuity in your branding. Creating a concrete picture of who you are and what you embody will fully communicate your personality to your audience. We understand the importance of the tone of voice, principles and personality of your business and we will provide the necessary tools to ensure that they are recognized and practiced at all levels within your organization.