Mobile App Design service


Speak your brand stories to get a conversion-driven response through visually stunning and engaging UI design. Bridcodes Global provides the best in class UX / UI design and development services that create a brand identity for your offering. As a UI UX Design company, we are going beyond just the visual aspects of your product, and are more concerned about how people engage with design to redefine their experience.

Research and Analysis

We take the seed of initiation from your proposals, nourish it with thorough market research and analysis and nurture it into an engrossing, comprehensive idea of mobile application solutions with the creativity and innovation skills of our experienced professionals.

Data Structuring

One of our key strengths is the selection, interpretation, and integration of relevant data in the core functionalities and additional features of the app. We configure and reconfigure the necessary data with your assistance and assimilate the same in the design components of the mobile application. Prototyping Settling on a skeleton is critical for the application not only to shift from the embryonic state of the application to its future stages but also to create a strong foundation for future enhancements and upgrades.

UI Designing

We are experienced in creating high quality, engaging mobile platform applications for both Android and iOS. To your satisfaction, logo icons, themes and backgrounds, window designs, screen transitions, animations and the application's overall look are thoroughly tweaked and developed.

UX Designing

Since your mobile application's main objective is to care for the comfort of your consumer, we ensure that the user experience of the applications we are creating is smooth and coherent, and integrates seamlessly with the devices ' operating system. It can only be considered an overall achievement when an application transcends the limits of functionality and extends into enhanced commitments.


Once introducing the application onto the market, we perform exclusive testing and validation for every component of the application and ensure that they are all fully functional individually as well as seamlessly with each other. Only after all the kinks have been ironed out and all the bugs and misalignments have been dealt with do we give it a green launch signal.