Website Design services


An effective design is critical to the success of your website. The digital world of today is more dynamic than ever, and consumers use sophisticated apps that have booming internet connections to communicate with websites. We expect seamless user experiences innovative features and total reliability in performance. If your website fails to leverage advanced functionality, loads slowly, has compatibility issues, or just isn’t visually compelling, you’ll have a hard time driving business from digital traffic. The expert design team at Bridcodes Global is experienced in pixel-perfect perfection and the latest web technologies.


Experts across the UX, visual design, and development of interactions, we recognize that every page of your website is an opportunity to convert visitors into clients. That's why we're focusing on performance, placing usability at the heart of every web design project.

We start each project with a discovery process which helps us to develop a deep understanding of your business and your goals. This research is crucial to our design process as it enables us to make design recommendations tailored to your needs.


Once the research phase is complete, we will work with you to develop a detailed specification for the design. This spec acts as a written description of each website page, how different items interact with each other and establishes the website look and feel. This document serves as a kind of design bible throughout the entire process of development, keeping our developers focused on the design you've envisioned.

A detailed prototype is the finishing step in our design process. Our prototypes are built based on the design specifications so you can see what we have described in the specs. This helps us to understand how everything is coming together, identify any missing components or inefficiencies easily, and sometimes even spur further thinking about how the finished product could better support your business objectives.


It is important to us at Bridcodes Global that we work closely with each customer throughout the design process, ensuring that our finished solution addresses business needs. Creating a website that matches each client’s vision is important to our ongoing success as a Full-fledged Digital Agency. We offer unlimited design iterations for every project, ensuring that our design team works diligently with each client until we’ve got a design specification and prototype that exactly matches their needs. Only then do we hand things off to the development team for production.

We combine our detailed process and client dedication with our development team that is extremely technically advanced and capable. The Bridcodes’s web development team is familiar with all latest web development languages and platforms, and we’ve build our reputation on building visually stunning, high performing websites delivered on time and on budget.